The first post

This will be the first post for my project named Naked Portraits. There will only ever be two categories here, information and portrait. The category named portraits contain just that, and the other way around for “information” as well.

Naked Portraits is my artsy attempt at making portraits of people and personality.

The concept is simple. Get naked and sit for a portrait. There will be nothing shown except what the portraitee is comfortable with, and the primary focus is on the face. My reasoning for this is simple: For most people when they shed their clothes they also shed their armor and I think that when we shed that armor, we become vulnerable. As such I have an idea that we can get a more naked portrait in the sense that we might see more of a person when they’re in such a vulnerable state.

In keeping with that philosphy there will also be no information about the person in the photo. No names, no adresses, no comments from me or the person portraited.

With that said, I will allow comments for the photos but I expect it to be tasteful and respectful. If comments start to become rude, inane, nonsensical or stupid I will delete all comments and disable the comment system altogether.

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